Why Do Cockroaches Come to Your House?

why do cockroaches come to your house

Why Do Cockroaches Come to Your House? – Cockroach likes going around dirty places and spreads bacteria and germs which might be malicious for human health. Besides, it will look disgusting to see  cockroaches walk and fly around your room. There are many ways to get a rid of them, but the big question is “why do cockroaches come?”.

There are several factor which make cockroaches attracted and come to your house. It is not always because of the mess. Why Do Cockroaches Come to Your House?

  • Humidity and darkness

Cockroaches like humid and dark place to live and breed. That is why they can be usually found under refrigerators, other electronics, sofas, or under your sink and kitchen stove. Bathroom hole is the best entrance for them.

  • Warmth

Warm condition inside the house is one of the attraction. Lack of ventilation can be the cause. This condition is suitable for them to lay their eggs and breed. Besides, cockroaches like to live there. That is why every time a human is standing near them, they come closer because human’s temperature is warmer than the room.

  • Dirt and mess

This is the most common factor. Cockroaches like to lay their eggs on the dirty place because it provides enough nutrition for the larvae to grow. If you let your garbage pile up inside your hose, it has a possibility to be the roaches nest and can give you a huge infestation.

  • Unpacked food

Even pet food or bird feed, unpacked food can attract roaches to come. Leaving food unpacked can bring them inside, even in a storage because roaches can walk in via a tiny space.

Basically, cockroach can easily detect your house. It all depends on the house condition.

Here are some tips to make the roaches get away from your home.

  • Try not to put your furniture too close to the wall because it can make a dark space which is not easy to be cleaned. This space can be a good place for the roaches to stay.
  • Keep your ventilation and sanitation work well
  • Clean up your house routinely, including the leftovers
  • Avoid placing piles at corners. It can be the best place for roaches nest.
  • Clean your garbage regularly to avoid smells and dirt.
  • Make sure you have sealed your food tightly or put it in a closed jar
  • You can use cockroaches repellent for prevention. Provide your house with pesticide or insecticide that are safe for your children and pets.
Why Do Cockroaches Come To Your House
Why Do Cockroaches Come To Your House

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