Do Tiki Torches Repel Mosquitoes?

Do tiki torches repel mosquitos is still something that is questioned by several people. Tiki torches are uncommon and unfamiliar for some people therefore they do not even know what thing it is. You may have time to spend outside your house and then you are distracted by mosquitoes that fly around.

Do tiki torches repel mosquitos
Tiki torches

Not only creating annoying sound but the existence of mosquitoes also can danger our body. As we know it, mosquitoes bite can cause severe diseases.

This is how to make tiki torches..

Therefore, you can make a tiki torch in order to keep the mosquitoes away when you are in outdoor area. Actually, you can make the tiki torch by yourself.

Things You Need to Make Tiki Torches :

  1. Empty bottle. You can use any bottle as long as it has narrow mouth and the most important thing is the bottle needs to be clean.
  2. Half-inch coupling. It makes the wick stay in the proper place. So, when it is burnt, it will not cause any danger.
  3. Citronella torch fuel. This is used to repel mosquitoes in natural way. It has human smell so it can trick the mosquitoes to fall in the trap.

Steps You Should Follow to Make Tiki Torches :

  1. First of all, fill the bottle in half with small stones. The purpose is to reduce the amount of the fuel for the filling. For the outside bottle, you may decorate it or just keep it as it is.
  2. Second, use funnel to pour the citronella torch fuel into the bottle for about three-fourths full. Put the half-inch coupling inside the bottle then put the wick. You should wait more or less 10 minutes to make sure it mixes with the fuel.
  3. Voila! Your own tiki torch is done. Now, you should not worry with the mosquitoes and you can enjoy your day.

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Some tips about Tiki Torches..

Based on the instruction above, it is easy to make the tiki torch, right? Even you can make it more than once. Not only about how to make the tiki torch, now it is about how-to tips after you have the tiki torch.

  1. The distance of the torch

One thing for sure, do not put the torch under the tree or overhang with flammable materials. Place it at least 6 feet from the house and around 8 inches to the ground. You can use torch stake or stand to make it more stable.

  1. The filling of the torch

Use torch fuel to fill the bottle. You can use both the natural one and the chemical one. Make sure to keep it away from children or pet so that there is no accident happened.

  1. How to clean the oil spills

In filling the torch, you may spill out the oil. The first thing that you should do is soak the oil with dry cloth. After that, clean the rest of the oil. Then, you can use water to make it cleaner.

  1. How to extinguish the torch

After the flame is extinguished, remove the top of the bottle and let the wick get cool quickly.

  1. How to keep the oil and torches

When the torches are not used, the oil may remain still. Still, keep it away from children and pets. The torch and fuel can be kept outside the house but the fuel is not. Do not let the fuel freeze.

After the information which mentioned above, it shows the way to use tiki torch. But then, how can tiki torch repel mosquitoes? Actually, it depends on the liquid which contained in the bottle. If you want to repel mosquito, you can choose citronella as the fuel for the tiki torch.


Citronella is oil which is made from lemon grass. Lemongrass is 5-height plan that grows in warm areas. It is obtained from the stem and leave of lemongrass.

citronella oil for mosquito repellent
Citonella oil

Citronella oil

It is made from citronella and used as insect repellent product. It is produced when the leave and stem of lemongrass crushed and released a little amount of oil. Then, that oil is used to prevent from insect. The color of citronella oil is yellow or brown which smells like the combination of grass and trees.

There are three important substances which are citronellol, geraniol, and citronellal. Not only able to prevent the mosquito but also it can be used to treat the area of the skin which stung by mosquito. So, it not only can be used in tiki torch but also applied in skin.

How Tiki Torches works?

Citronella oil will not kill the mosquito, it is only to prevent the existence of mosquito. When it is applied in the skin, the mosquito will not able to sense the skin. When it is used as the fuel for tiki torch, it makes the area prevented from mosquito. The mosquitoes will not able to sense your location so that they will not suck your blood.

In conclusion, the use of tiki torch will be effective to repell mosquitoes if it uses citronella oil as the fuel. So, do tiki torches repell mosquitoes? If you make and use it properly, it really helps.

Citronella Oil For Mosquito Repellent
Citronella Oil For Mosquito Repellent
Do Tiki Torches Repel Mosquitos
Do Tiki Torches Repel Mosquitos

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