How to Get Rid of Mosquito Hawks from Your House

Many people have asked of how to get rid of mosquito hawks and its prevention so that they won’t be coming back. Mosquito hawks are also known as Mosquito eaters. Despite having such a name, this insect does not prey on normal mosquitoes. They are harmless but they come in swarm and it is annoying, these are how you get rid of them.

how to get rid of mosquito hawks

So, still confused how to get rid of mosquito hawks? Read this..

Don’t Feed them

Do not let them feed is the most important aspect here. The same as normal mosquitoes, these insects love damp and moist places. Before getting rid of these insects first you have to get rid of dry leave piles, puddles, and also dead plants. Larvae of mosquito hawks feed on the leaves and the dead plants; it gives them room to grow. Puddles are the place they also loved. That’s why you have to clear that debris from your lawn right away.

Purchase Bug Zappers

Purchasing bug zappers can be expensive, but it is worth the shot. These mosquito hawks are attracted to bright light. That’s why these zappers would be perfect for getting rid those insects. Place the zappers on your front door, back door, and also your windows so that they can be stopped before entering into the house. One thing you need to be cautious is that to keep these zappers out of children reach. Hang them properly so that the children can’t reach it.

Mow Your Lawn Routinely

After mating, adult mosquito hawks lay their eggs on tall grass in your lawn. When the eggs hatched, the larvae will move into the soil and stay there until they turn into adults. But, the adults cannot lay eggs if the grass is not tall enough to cover the larvae and they will be forced to move. This is why you must mow your lawn at least once in four days. Also, providing too much water in the soil also help them to grow. So don’t use too much water when watering your lawn.

Don’t Let Them Breed

When the adult mosquito hawks cannot lay their eggs, they will move. To prevent it, place sticky bug strips around your house and yards so these insects can be caught and prevent them from laying their eggs. Also, it prevents the insects to get into your house.

Spray Some Pesticide

Spray some pesticide on your lawn to prevent the eggs from hatching and the larvae to grow. If you see your grass has brown patches, it means that there must be larvae under the soil. Spray the pesticide in the area to prevent them from growing. Use organic pesticide that can be made from soap, oil, and garlic. You are also able to use pesticide made of neem oil to get rid of those larvae. For safety, keep using these natural and organic pesticide ingredients to prevent your environment to get detrimental effects.

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Close Your Doors Tightly

If you feel irritated by their habit of getting into the house, you can always close your doors and windows tightly. If found holes on your doors and windows, seal them immediately. But, if they are already inside and you feel irritated by it, spray bug sprayer and they will die immediately.

Get a Bird or a Cat

By having pets like birds and cats, there won’t be any mosquito hawks left in your house. Birds are the natural predator of this insect and they will eat any of these insects that fly in your house. Cat in the other hands, are a predator that love to play with small animals or insects. Sometimes they will eat mosquito hawks. Mosquito hawks have no poison so letting your pets to eat these insects would be a great idea. For cats, it brings them joy as well.

Encourage Birds to Visit

It would be easier if you have tamed birds. But if you don’t have one you can always invite them over. Start placing bird food inside bird feeders around your yard and these birds would come eventually. The only bad thing could happen is their dirt will be all over your yard, yet it is good for the soil.

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Get Rid of the Larvae

Adult mosquito hawks don’t have mouth so they cannot feed on anything. But, their larva can. Mosquito hawk larvae will be out from the soil to the surface when they need to feed on the dead plants. The larvae only come out at night so it will be a challenging task to find them. Get your flashlight ready and start looking for them. This way, it will be faster to get rid of them.

Mosquito hawks are not harmful for human, but their existence is irritating especially if they come in a swarm. These insects actually have short life span so even if you let them be, they will be die in short time. But, the options mentioned above are the fastest of how to get rid of mosquito hawks.

How To Get Rid Of Mosquito Hawks
How To Get Rid Of Mosquito Hawks

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