How to Growing Mosquito Plant

mosquito repellent plant

How to Growing Mosquito Plant – A fellow member of the geranium family, mosquito institute carries the fragrance of citronella inward its foliage. When a leafage is crushed too rubbed on the skin, it smells wonderful too helps naturally repel mosquitoes. (The institute itself does non human activity equally a deterrent to the pests.) Though growing mosquito institute is non equally effective equally using bottled repellents, mosquito institute works gently, too when you lot grow it inward your garden, it is e’er on hand.

Plants owe their medium light-green texture to the lacy leaves. Growing upright to 2 to three feet inward height, they tin fire hold upward used equally a summertime edge or i of several contrasting textures inward a garden composition or a large mixed container.

Mosquito Plant Soil, Planting, too Care

Mosquito institute is really a scented geranium. The institute produces a pretty pinkish colored blooms inward summer.
Plant inward leap later the danger of frost has passed too the ground has warmed, virtually the same fourth dimension you lot institute tomatoes. Select a location amongst a piffling afternoon shade, too infinite plants xviii to 24 inches apart.

Though mosquito plants are tolerant of a broad reach of well-drained soils, moderately rich, moist ground volition create the best growth. Good tidings for gardeners inward drought-prone areas: Mosquito institute is relatively tolerant of summertime stress.

An evergreen perennial inward zones ix to 11, musquito institute volition hold upward a common coldness tender annual where freezing temperatures occur. In addition, the stems tin fire acquire quite woody past summer’s end. If you lot desire to overwinter your plant, propagate a novel i during the tardily summertime months past layering. Set a pot filled amongst potting ground beside your large plant. Bend a stalk (still attached to the large plant) gently toward the pot, beingness careful non to interruption it. Bury the stalk sideways at a indicate at which a leafage is attached, keeping the growing tip uncovered. Place a stone or slice of brick over the buried stalk to concur it inward place. After a few weeks, roots volition emerge from the stalk too grow into the potting soil. At the terminate of the flavor (and earlier frost), cutting the stalk gratis from the female parent institute too motility the new, immature institute indoors for the winter.


You volition know if a institute does non take plenty light, equally it volition stretch too autumn over. Make a mental government notation to give it to a greater extent than Sun adjacent year, too thus cutting dorsum long, lanky branches to convey it dorsum into shape.

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Harvest too Storage

Mosquito institute has a citronella aroma that is released when you lot rub the leaves. The leaves take a pretty, frilly shape.
The citronella fragrance comes from the plant’s leaves. Rub the leaves to publish the scent. The lacy form of the leaves, also equally the fragrance, go far a dainty add-on to blossom arrangements.
Plants reply good to pruning, thus don’t hold upward afraid to cutting branches for inclusion inward summertime bouquets, peculiarly if you lot are dining outdoors. The fragrance volition hold upward a welcome addition, blending amongst to a greater extent than floral scents. In addition, the way the leaves are attached to the stalk way that i branch of musquito institute volition aid concur other flowers inward home inward the vase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are in that location whatever culinary uses of mosquito plant, similar other scented geraniums?

Yes, you lot tin fire role mosquito institute amongst its citrus scent equally you lot would role other scented geraniums, inward jellies, teas, fruit salads, too inward desserts. One traditional role is to home the leaves inward the cake pan earlier pouring inward the batter. Once baked, the cake volition comport the flavor throughout.

Do you lot take suggestions for what to institute amongst mosquito plant?

The sun-tolerant caladiums too coleus would hold upward first-class paired amongst mosquito plant. For flowers, regard zinnias, dahlias, shrub roses, hibiscus, vinca, or black-eyed Susans, to advert a few. Just hold upward certain to give each i room to mature without crowding the others.

What is the best way to continue my institute hold upward through the winter?

If you lot hold upward where the temperature outdoors volition non drib below the 20s, cutting plants dorsum too mulching good should acquire them by, allowing them to sprout too grow inward spring. If your winters are to a greater extent than severe, however, elevator plants amongst a fork or spade, cutting them back, too institute them inward a pot. After a calendar week or two, apply a timed-release fertilizer to the surface of the potting mix. Keep the institute inward brilliant lite too H2O when the ground begins to dry out out. Replant inward spring, cutting dorsum whatever sparse or weak increment from the wintertime months indoors.

Mosquito Repellent Plant
Mosquito Repellent Plant

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