Get to Know about Mosquito Life Cycle

Get to Know about Mosquito Life CycleMosquito life cycle does not occur very long. The life cycle of mosquito can be counted in days. Once they become mosquito, the male one will live less than a week whether the female can survive for a few months in ideal conditions. So, the gender of the mosquito determines how long do mosquito live. Do you know that mosquitoes have been existed for million years? There is some information that related with their life cycle.

mosquito life cycle

Mosquito Eggs

Mosquito eggs are mostly found in standing water. It is the favorite place for mosquito breeding. In alternative to standing and stagnant water, mosquitoes can lay the eggs on the inside of an old tire as well. The female mosquitoes lay their eggs in amount of 50 to 100. They may breed in tree holes or even your pet’s water dish. Nevertheless, some mosquitoes lay their eggs on often-flooded soil and this condition is more long lasting.

The female mosquitoes breed their eggs at night and lay on it for about three times in every third night. The first breed egg is white then get darken within a day. The eggs will hatch in around three days, depends on the temperature. After the eggs hatched, the mosquito larvae appear.

Mosquito Larvae

In this stage, mosquito is in their baby stage. It feeds on algae and other microorganisms in water. The mosquito larvae hang upside down at the surface and breaths from the breathing tubes in the tails. In this stage, mosquito is an easy prey for predators and other mosquito larvae. In this stage, the mosquito larvae need to be in warmer place to make it grow faster. After developing about a week or so, mosquito larvae become mosquito pupae.

Mosquito Pupae

In this stage, mosquitoes only swim around. It can be said that mosquitoes are in their teenage stage. Mosquito pupae have short body in curved shape. It is lighter than water and they breathe using the same breathing tube in their tail. When they are distracted, they will dive into the deeper water and will float back.

Same like larvae, mosquito pupae is also an easy prey for other predators and even people. Meanwhile, they develop into flying insect inside of their cocoon. After this stage, they become an adult mosquito.

Finding the Mate

Adult mosquito has antennae and proboscis with two large eyes and six jointed legs. When they first released from the pupae, they only think about two things which are breeding and eating. The male mosquitoes wait for a day until their reproductive parts developed.

They find the female mosquitoes by listening to the sounds of their wings. Then, the males join and pass the sperm to the mosquitoes. After that the male mosquito lifespan will be only about five days more.

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The female mosquitoes only mate once but they live longer depends on how warmth and moisture their environment is. If the condition is ideal, it will affect on how long do mosquitoes live, it can be around two months. However, they have to be careful with predators. They may be eaten by bats and birds and they can be killed by people. Mosquitoes often stay safe near their place of emerging from their cocoons.

But, there are some species that capable in flying more than five miles. So, how high can mosquito fly depend on their species and whether they want to stay safe or not. That is why slow fliers mosquito prefer to stay near the ground rather than fly high.

difference between male and female mosquito

Female Mosquitoes Hunt for Blood

Commonly, mosquitoes eat plant nectar or fruit juice but the female mosquitoes also hunt for blood. Thus, when you find a mosquito sucks your blood, it is a female mosquito not the male. Male mosquitoes do not hunt for blood. Usually, female mosquitoes begin their hunting as soon as the sun goes down until night. They search for warm-blooded creature, including human. The combination of carbon dioxide and our sweat makes us smell good for them. Mosquito can smell the scent from 100 feet and they also monitor our movement.

The serrated proboscis in their body is used to help them escape from their prey. Why female mosquitoes hunt for blood? Female mosquitoes suck nectar for their nutrition but they need protein for their eggs development. And, the protein is from human blood. After you have been bitten by the mosquitoes, they will fly to damp place to take a rest and wait their eggs development. The rest and development takes time around five days.

After done with it, the female mosquitoes lay their egg and find another blood for the next eggs development, and so on. Female mosquitoes can lay up to 100 eggs in every third night. After the egg hatched, the life cycle of the mosquitoes start over again.

Those are the life cycle of mosquitoes. Now you know how they breed and why they like to suck our blood. Mosquito life cycle is actually simple and fast.

Difference Between Male And Female Mosquito
Difference Between Male And Female Mosquito
Mosquito Life Cycle
Mosquito Life Cycle

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