Do Bed Bugs Bite?

do bed bugs bite

What are Bed Bugs Exactly?

Do bed bugs bite? – Bed bugs are a parasitic insect that feeds merely on blood. There are many dissimilar types, but most types of bed bugs merely feed on humans when their preferred victim is non available to them, such equally poultry in addition to cattle. However Cimex lectularius is the i y’all are most probable to uncovering equally they specialise inwards feeding on human blood. Bed bugs merely alive for nigh 1 year, but they reproduce incredibly fast – i woman person tin force out make hundreds of eggs inwards her lifetime.

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Bed Bugs are besides rattling hardy – they tin force out alive for several months without eating in addition to tin force out withstand a broad reach of temperatures from nearly freezing to equally much equally l degrees celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit) for brusk periods.

Bed bugs were rattling prevalent prior to the 20th century but alongside the innovation of dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane in addition to other changes to the style nosotros alive their numbers inwards the western earth declined significantly. However equally they evolved to go to a greater extent than resistant to pesticides in addition to nosotros discovered the adverse wellness effects of these treatments their numbers take grown apace since the 1990s according to the University of Kentucky.


Yes they do. Bed bugs take hold oral fissure parts that latch on alongside suction in addition to and hence saw through the skin. To avoid detection they inject saliva alongside anticoagulants in addition to painkillers. Most of the problems nosotros take alongside bed bugs are caused past these chemicals rather than the bites themselves.

To counter these chemicals our bodies make Histamines equally our defence. H5N1 side outcome of these is the itchiness, but the reactions tin force out hold out much to a greater extent than dramatic if your trunk over-reacts. Our reactions to bed põrnikas bites ranges from no reaction at all (about 20%) through to extreme allergic reaction which requires urgent medical attending – ie phone vociferation up 999 immediately!

Do Bed Bugs Bite
Do Bed Bugs Bite

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