Difference between Bed Bug and Mosquito Bites

Difference between Bed Bug and Mosquito Bites – Do you know that there is difference between bed bug and mosquito bites? Both are annoying and it feels itchy, but there are things that extinguish them from each other. Before finding the difference between their bites, let’s discuss about their nature and how they react to human.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are insects with parasitic nature. Unlike fleas which live on your skin covered by the hair, bed bugs live on your bed. Also, bed bugs are more like ticks than fleas; they have small, oval, and brown body. The size of a bed bug is not larger than an apple seed. This small size is an advantage for them and a disadvantage for you; they can hide anywhere warm like in your bed for example.

difference between bed bug and mosquito bites

A bed bug sheds its skin for 5 times before it is reaching its adult form. This is where it goes annoying; every time before a bed bug sheds it skin, it needs to feed first and they feed on your blood. A female bed bug lay hundreds of its eggs, can you imagine having hundreds of blood-feeding-bugs under your bed? It may sound creepy, but that’s the fact. Even with its small size, the results of their bites are irritating and may cause you to replace your entire bed.

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Bed Bug Bites Characteristics

Like what has mentioned before, bed bugs feed on your blood in order to survive their shedding process. Usually, you cannot feel if you are being bitten by them. How can it be? It can be because bed bugs inject anticoagulant and anesthetic while they suck your blood.

The anesthetic is used for preventing the itchy feeling to come out while the anticoagulant is used so that the blood can flow freely instead of clotting. You will feel the itch after the anesthetic wears off. A bed bug can suck on your blood for 5 up to 10 minutes each, but it can be less than that. 5 Minutes alone is kind of a long time for a parasitic bug to feed on you.

Bed bug bites may be painless at first, but after some quite of time it will turn unlike any other itch you’ve ever felt. The result of a bed bug bite can cause your skin to turn red and swell on your body. Parts of your bodies that may get the bites are the ones that are not covered like your head, face, neck, arms, stomach, and legs.

difference between bed bug and mosquito bites 1
Bed bug bites on arm

The swelling is small, but it will come in clusters. For some people, it may cause your red and swelling skin to feel hot as if it is burning. This burning sensation will happen in all of the clusters. So brace yourself, the burning sensation is coming.


Mosquitoes are insects that you can always find everywhere in your house. Mosquitoes are included in fly family. Even if it is included in fly family, it flies not even faster than a fly and can be caught easier than a fly. Even so, this little creature can be the cause you purchase a lot of preventions to make it stop biting you. The male ones can only live for a few days while the female ones can live for months.

how to get rid of mosquito hawks

The more annoying fact is that the ones bite you are the female ones while male mosquitoes don’t feed on your blood. In fact, both feed on water and plant nectar but the female ones need blood to reproduce. To avoid them to reproduce, get rid of water puddles everywhere you see them. Also, mosquitoes love dark places and the smell of sweat. So, if you are wearing a dark colored shirt and you are sweating, you are their dinner.

Mosquito Bites Characteristics

Female mosquitoes have a long mouth part like a thin needle that allows them to pierce your skin. Unlike bed bugs that have anesthetic, even a small mosquito bite can give you stingy feeling. Female mosquitoes inject their saliva while sucking on your blood.

The saliva of a mosquito contains no toxic, but it contains of proteins that people are allergic to. When the saliva enters your blood, your system immune will react, causing the itch to come and produce a swelling on your skin. This swelling may spread if you scratch it. Also, it may cause your skin to turn red and if you let it be, you may feel burning sensation. The dangerous thing about mosquito bites is that mosquito bites may cause them to transfer diseases like malaria, yellow fever, and dengue fever.

mosquito bites on legs
Mosquito bites on legs

Difference between Bed Bug and Mosquito Bites Conclusions..

The conclusion, bed bug and mosquito bites have the same characteristics of being itchy and may cause burning sensation. But, while there is more itches to mosquito bites, bed bug bites have more burning sensation. The most contrast difference between bed bug and mosquito bites is while bed bug bites are harmless, mosquito bites may transfer some deathly diseases on your body.

Difference Between Bed Bug And Mosquito Bites
Difference Between Bed Bug And Mosquito Bites
Mosquito Bites On Legs
Mosquito Bites On Legs
Difference Between Bed Bug And Mosquito Bites 1
Difference Between Bed Bug And Mosquito Bites 1

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