Dangers of Cockroaches

dangers of cockroaches

Dangers of Cockroaches – Cockroaches have been known by their creepy image. They are also used as a sign whether an environment is dirty or not. Actually, roaches can have more than a sign. Have you ever known what the roaches can do with their entire life and bodies? What makes them such a threat?

Dirty substances

Cockroaches spend their time living in filthy environment. They pick up the germs and bacteria from that environment on their legs and bodies. They can spread the pathogens directly to your foods or preparation surfaces which leading us to diseases.

About the body parts

When someone has an infestation inside the house, he will also get the shed skins for the roaches. These shed skins are known for causing allergies and asthma in children, especially if they are breathed in. It is also work in cockroach feces and saliva. One of the bacteria found is named as Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This species typically infects the airway, urinary tract burns, and wounds. It causes pneumonia, TBC, septic shock, typhus, diarrhea, urinary tract infection, hepatitis, skin and soft tissue infection, and also gastrointestinal infection.

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Grow and breed quickly

Roaches can breed and reproduce very quickly. The female can lay up between 6 to 14 eggs. Each eggs contains approximately 15 embryos which grow into nymphs. The nymphs emerge in 38 days from eggs and completely mature  within the next 6 months to a year. They have more than a year lifespan, which means an infestation inside your house can grow fast within a year with many generations.

They are resilient, almost immortal!

Rumor said that cockroaches can be the one of the few creatures which can survive in a nuclear disaster. They can get away from your home because of the repellent, but they hardly be killed with it. In fact, they can live without heads until a week long!

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There are several things you can do to avoid the infestation. Keeping your house clean can help you preventing the roach visit and huge infestation. Wash your dishes regularly and directly after the meals. If you get bitten, do not scratch it. Put a wet cold towel on it and consume antihistamine such as CTM to reduce the itch. One roach may not be a problem, but when it becomes more than two, the problem will also get bigger. Protect your familiy from them well.

Hope it help you! 🙂

Dangers Of Cockroaches
Dangers Of Cockroaches

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