The Most Dangerous Mosquito Species

The Most Dangerous Mosquito Species – Mosquito is an insect which is classified into order diptera. It has a pair of “scaly” wings and 6 long legs. It also has 15 mm length. There are approximately 2700 species in 35 genuses. Among those species, there are several ones which are marked as the most dangerous the scientists have ever found. What is the most dangerous mosquito species?


anophles mosquito Anopheles is known d mosquito which spreads the malaria disease. It has 6 legs with black and white color. There are a lot of kinds of it and they live in different places, like Anopheles sundaicus which usually lives on brackish water, Anopheles maculatus and balabacensis on the hills or mountains, and Anopheles aconitus on fields. The bites can also cause Filariasis (a disease caused by parasites transmitted by the mosquito saliva).

Aedes aegypti


This mosquito can be marked as the deadliest mosquito in tropical country. It spreads dengue fever in a very short period. It is active between 8 until 12 a.m in the morning and 3 until 7 pm in the evening. It tends to live in an empty house and hanged clothes. The mosquitos lay their eggs on clean water surface such as vase, jug, bathtub, can, and other things which contain stagnant water. The eggs hatch in 2 days, form new larvae and ready to be adults in 8 days.

Aedes albopictus


This mosquito is the runner up after Aedes aegypti. They are almost similar, but this species tends to be inside houses, parks, and garden. It also spreads dengue fever to human. It lays eggs on clean water surface or stagnant water such as inside cans, bathtubs, water containers, or uncleaned gutter.

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Culex fatigans


This mosquito usually lives in gutters or dirty stagnant water. It bites people and bring parasites Wuchereria bancrofti which is the main cause of Filariasis. Even not all people who are bitten by this mosquito can suffer from the disease, but the research told that most of them cannot avoid the symptom.

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There are a lot more species of mosquitoes but these are the most dangerous of them. Getting bitten by them is not a big problem if you can take care of the bites well. Moreover, go to the doctors quickly after get bitten can help you avoid the worse symptom. Keeping your environment clean can protect you from their terror.

Culex Fatigans Mosquito
Culex Fatigans Mosquito
Anophles Mosquito
Anophles Mosquito
Aedes Aegypti
Aedes Aegypti
Aedes Albopictus
Aedes Albopictus

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