Calamine Lotion for Mosquito Bites Treatment

Calamine Lotion for Mosquito Bites Treatment – Have you ever tried using calamine lotion for mosquito bites? Mosquito bites can be really annoying and irritating, it may affect you mentally and physically. Also, every single bite from a mosquito makes your skin to get swollen and feel burning.

Calamine Lotion for Mosquito Bites

These are the cause why calamine lotion is a great remedy for mosquito bites:

Mosquito Bites Facts

Mosquitoes are insects that can be categorized as pests and their existence can cause havoc to human. They hide in a damp and dark place.  Even if they are small, one single bite can get you feel irritated and it may deliver diseases into your body. Mosquitoes have their own favorite type of blood. It is said that people who have blood type O are mosquitoes’ most favorite prey. If you have O blood type, then you must always prepare a remedy in your house.

mosquito bites on legs
Mosquito bites on legs

A male mosquito lives for only a week while the female one can lives for months. The worse thing is that only female mosquitoes feed on human’s blood. While sucking on your blood, these female mosquitoes inject a dose of protein that people are allergic to. Because system immune rejects the protein, your skin gets swollen as the result.

Swollen skins caused by mosquito bites are so irritating but it is best not to scratch them. Why is it? It is because scratching them can cause the swelling gets bigger and also the area around the swollen skins to turn red into rashes. If this happens, then you will feel a burning sensation on your skin. If you keep scratching it, the swollen area won’t turn back and it will turn into a wound instead. The wound will sting over time and to prevent the swollen skins turn into wounds, a remedy like calamine lotion is the solution.

What Is Calamine Lotion?

Calamine lotion is an inexpensive remedy that you can purchase in the drug store. This lotion has such fragrant smell and pleasant color that make the users comfortable to use it. Also, it won’t sting your skin when applying. This lotion is meant to be applied topically. It means you can only apply it on your skin, ingesting or applying it near your eyes and mouth is also prohibited.

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This remedy is known for its uses to reduce and cure irritations. It can also be used as a solution to handle rashes caused by insect bites like mosquito bites. Like what has mentioned before, a mosquito bite may cause a rash if it is scratched. This lotion has an active anti-pruritics ingredient called zinc oxide that has great effect in reducing the itch and rash.

After it is reduced, the remaining swollen skin may leave a mark. Therefore, you need to apply this lotion once again as a solution of how to get rid of mosquito marks.

Precautions before Using Calamine Lotion for Mosquito Bites

Calamine lotion is indeed a great remedy in reducing itches and rashes on your skin, but there are things you need to pay attention.

The first thing is that you must read the instructions before using.

Second, you must find out whether some of the ingredients consisted in this remedy may cause you allergy or not.

Third, if you are a mother and breastfeeding then do not use this lotion before consulting to the doctor.

Fourth, if you are going to use it on a baby with age less than 6 months then consult it to the doctor first.

Fifth, some of the ingredients consisted in this lotion may have reactions with other medicines, if you are taking other medicines it is best to ask your doctor before using the lotion.

Lastly, always listen and do what your doctor says; if he/she says that you must use it 3 times a day then do it, don’t miss even for a day only.

How to Use Calamine Lotion

  • First of all, this lotion must be given based on recipe from your doctor.
  • Shake this lotion well when you are about to use it.
  • Then, always prepare a cloth and pour the lotion on it.
  • Use the cloth to rub the areas that get swollen skins and rashes.
  • Let it sit for a while until the lotion takes effect.

Side Effects of Calamine lotion

Every drug always has its side effects if its ingredients are not read and understood well. The side effects that can be possibly happened are some allergic reactions like getting swelling on the face, lips, and tongue. Also, instead of reducing and curing rashes, this lotion may cause rashes, itches, hives, respiration problem, and tight chest.

Calamine lotion is indeed a great remedy that has amazing ingredients that can reduce and cure swollen skins and rashes. But, you need to consider whether there are allergies to the ingredients or not. The conclusion, it is better to consult to the doctor first before using calamine lotion for mosquito bites.

Calamine Lotion For Mosquito Bites
Calamine Lotion For Mosquito Bites

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