Top 8 Cockroaches Repellent Home Remedies

cockroaches repellent home remedies

How to Make Cockroaches Repellent Home Remedies – One bug flying around your house is not a big problem, but when it comes into cockroach, the problem will get bigger and ruin everything in your house. Cockroaches can also bring diseases and dirt. Before that disaster happen, you have to protect your house with some remedies. These are some alternatives to make cockroaches repellent home remedies. You can choose some of the best for you.

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Top 8 Cockroaches Repellent Home Remedies :

  1. Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are famous for its nice smell. The essential oils can give you strong fragrance. To make them as your cockroaches repellent home remedies, you have to crush them first and keep them at your corners. It will help you to repel the cockroach from your room.

  1. Sugar and Baking Soda

Baking soda is not poisonous, but when it is consumed by the roaches, they will get gassy and their innards can explode. Mix baking soda with sugar to give it sweet smell. Sprinkle the mixture to some areas you consider the cockroaches prefer gathering.

  1. Garlic, Onion, and Pepper

Cockroaches cannot stand the smell of this cockroaches repellent home remedies. Take one garlic clove, one tablespoon of pepper, and one onion paste, and one liter of water in a jar. You can replace the onion paste with half an onion. Mix them well and marinade for about an hour. Add the mixture with one tablespoon of liquid soap solution. Apply the mixture to places where cockroaches usually visit.

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  1. Petroleum Jelly Trap

Put the petroleum jelly in the inner rim of a jar. Put a few peelings of strong fragrances fruits or other foods and put the jar at the place where cockroaches are usually come. The foods will attract roaches to come in, but the petroleum jelly will trap them.

  1. Pinesol and Bleach

Roaches can come out from drain pipes. You can flush them down by using mixture of bleach and water. But, if you want the stronger mixture, you need two cups of Pinesol, two cups of bleach, and one cup of boiling water. Mix them well and pour them to the areas where the roaches gather. Open your window because it has very strong odor.

  1. Borax

This cockroaches repellent home remedies can be poisonous for the roaches because when they come in contact, borax will dry out their exoskeleton (the outer “shell” of bugs) and kill them slowly. Sprinkle borax to particular areas where roaches usually visit and leave it overnight.

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  1. Listerine

You only have to mix one portion of Listerine with an equal portion of water. Spray this mixture right to the roaches or their nests. Listerine can be a useful cockroaches repellent home remedies.

  1. I.Y Pesticide!

Cornstarch and plaster of paris powder can be useful. Mix those ingredients and sprinkle it on the affected areas. This cockroaches repellent home remedies will help you to keep the roaches away.

Cockroaches Repellent Home Remedies
Cockroaches Repellent Home Remedies

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